Commercial Services

Commercial Electrical Service Providers

Best Forsyth Electrical is the only company you need for electrical services – not just for homes, but also for commercial areas. We have worked with dozens of companies in the past, so you can count on our experience in handling big projects. 

Our commercial services include:
  • Lighting designs and layouts
  • Project installation and certification
  • Equipment testing
  • CAD drawing services provided by in-house CAD operator
  • Standards compliance
Design and Installation

We are ready to provide the design of the electrical works in a commercial setting. Our team has an in-house CAD operator who will draw the layout for the entire project. The service results in professional plans and layouts for any commercial proposals.

The design service goes hand-in-hand with the installation of all the mentioned fixtures. We follow the design of our CAD operator to the last cable to ensure the quality of the design.

Equipment Testing

Best Forsyth Electrical tests every piece of equipment as well. Every commercial electrician in our team has the know-how to check whether or not a device is working. This includes light fixtures, control panels, generators, portable appliances, UPS, and more. 

Standards Compliance

We understand that every building needs to follow the government’s standards. This is to reduce the risk of accidents that may happen because of a problematic design. 

The same principle applies to electrical works. For this reason, our commercial electrical services include the inspection of a property to ensure it follows NZ’s prescribed standards. Through this, we help buildings stay low-risk and safe for every occupant.

Contact us today for a quote on our commercial electrical services. Feel free to call us if you have questions. 
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